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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Ignorance Files: "All My Babies Mamas"

1 Man, 10 Baby Mommas, 11 Kids & A 19 Year Old Girlfriend (same age as his oldest child)
File this in the Ignorance Files, a hopefully here-and-there posting.

Shawty Low, Carlos Walker, Dunn, Dunn, or whomever you want to call him is really doing THE MOST.

As if the foolish beef with T.I. I hoped that his flame would tragically burn out but it appears, that he now is banking on the movement me on Reality TV. Oxygen (one of the worst television channels- aside from Snapped) has taken up his show, All My Babies Mama's which I'm sure, will garner many viewers.

Rapfix says about the cast: 

E'creia ("The First Lady") who handles his finances and was once engaged to Lo and nine others like Serena ("The Shady Baby Mama"), Amanda ("Jealous Baby Mama") and Pebbles ("The Baby Mama from Hell"), not to mention Shawty's current girlfriend Ashlin. Ashlin is only 19 years old and according to E'creia (who is seeing another man), Ashlin wants to be just like her. Domestic drama!
*serious side eye and SMH

When will the whole reality buzz die? it's been about 5-9 years since this really became a overbearing problem.  

Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and all the others aren't reality; it's ignorance. 
Cursing people out, fighting, and other mess- it's a great tool to further the stereotypes. It's a great opportunity to feed violence to viewers, and it's also great for laughs.


is a laugh at the expense of your family, your children, worth the money? and exploitation?
His new girl is 19 years old, the same age as his oldest child....He's 36 -_-
there's so many wrongs to this, but the way america is- it'll be a hit.

Here's the Pilot,

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